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Hair system in Melbourne?

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Hey all,

Longshot here, but I was just wondering if anyone knew of any good, reputable hair system clinics in Melbourne?

Thinking of getting one while I wait to see where my loss progresses to, but there are so many shady places our there in this industry.

Thanks everyone.

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Hey buddy!
No matter how reputed a transplant therapist is, they can't control the side-effects of the surgery. I guess there is a healthier, affordable and trendier solution to your hair loss problem. Rather than going for a transplant, why not order a hair system? These modern day wigs are made from human hair and look genuine on putting on. In fact, they are an instant solution to last moments plans. My big brother uses one as he has very thin hair.
I would like to share the website from which he orders his hair system. I hope, you will also get a good one for you.
Thank you!

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