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Red scalp bumps and scar concealment questions

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I had a hair transplant by Dr. Wentland (he has since moved back to Chicago to do emergency medicine) in Washington DC about four years ago. We did just a fill-in of 500 units and it was my only transplant. He did a strip removal.


I have two questions:


Firstly, even after all of this time, I still continue to have red bumps that will occur periodically on my scalp. I assume these are caused by ingrown hairs. It is quite annoying and unattractive. Is there anything

that can be done about this?


Secondly, as the hair styles these days have gotten shorter, I routinely get my hair cut fairly short. The

scar on the back of my head is quite evident and is embarrassing to me. It is about 4-5 inches long. I am

interested in doing something to conceal it. What can be done? Dr. Wentland mentioned to me on a follow up

shortly after the transplant that additional hair units could be placed around the scar (and maybe in the scar) to fill it out more. I have also read about tattoos to help conceal the appearance of the scar. Can anyone give me your thoughts on this and what can be done?


Thanks much.

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You have several options, Your scar should be very thin and unnoticable with a good surgeon since you only had 500 FU's? As far as options, you could do another strip that can consolidate the scar or have FUE that puts hairs into the scar, or for non surgery try dermatch and toppiks-- the combo works great to cover up.

As far as 4yrs post-op redness-- yes one can have ingrown hairs at this time, although it is rare and gets less as the yrs go by. Apply a warm compress when this occurs, neosporin, or get an antiboitic from you doctor if it is serious.

I would consult a top notch doctor who is considered one of the best among peers and patients for some correction surgery/scar revision. If you live in Chicago-- MN is only a few hrs away (check out Shapiro). Best of luck.

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Thanks, Smoothy. If I did the FUE into the existing scar, what is the success rate with getting them to take? The FUE extraction, does that leave noticeable scars itself with short hair?


I am in the Wash DC area, any leads on good docs for this problem in my area? I have heard about Vogel in Baltimore, is he good? Any in DC?



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First, the survival rate of FUE into scar tissue is unpredicatable compared to virgin scalp. However, it is getting better with better techniques, ect. I would say from what I've read where in the past the survival was around 30%, now it is probably around 75% if not a little more. Go to a experience surgeon with scar revision/correction cases.

As far a FUE scarring-- this too is debatable. From the physicians who have done FUE and follow up cases 1yr plus later-- they say, yes there is scarring-- it is very light "pinpoint" scarring. YOu probably would have to shave your head to notice. Like a mothball look. One surgeon I spoke to said it is just like the Old Plug Pushe scarring but to a lot smaller degree but same concept. It does thin out the donor area more than strip where the density remains the same but the width donor area decreases.

Best of luck. My option would be another strip HT consolidation of the scar-with an excellent surgeon you will not be able so see the scar even on a buzz cut-- but that is just my personal opinion.

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