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Lots of you guys hear me preach about how FUE never works as well as strip.  It doesn't.  BUT, sometimes you are better suited to FUE....for example, you need 1/4 inch haircuts for your work.  OR you are a terrible scarrer.  There are a few others but those are the big 2 reasons that I'd accept FUE's lesser results than strip gives.

Now this doctor has AWESOME thick curly middle eastern donor hair.  Here he is at just about 4 years.  And like everyone else...he wants to know if he needs more hair.  The answer to that is not right now but maybe in the future.


So take a look at the video, do your research, and make sure you understand the pros and cons of the various options available to you...not just get sold a procedure that fits your budget by a salesperson.


The video is:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waFCfe0HH_I


Dr. Lindsey 
McLean VA

William H. Lindsey, MD, FACS

McLean, VA


Dr. William Lindsey is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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