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Good treatments from toppik?


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I just ordered some Toppik in the mail and they have a "Anti-Androgenic Hair growth complex" pill. Similar to Propecia, but more of an herbal remedy...anyone ever heard of or tried this before?


Also, anyone know anything about this lasercomb, is it legit?


And last but not least, these Toppik and Couvre thickening shampoos, do they work?

Thanx I really appreciate the feedback

Jeff Bowers

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I think Toppik is a great product when used correctly. I feel the same way about Couvre'. I have gotten very good results from both concealers in the past and continue to use Toppik sporadically on my crown.


As far as this "Anti-Androgenic Hair Growth Compound," I would definitely look into something that is proven, has research behind it, and that actually shows an ingredients list.


Many people are happy with thickening shampoos and conditioners but do not expect for them to accomplish much else than thicker feeling hair.



Like I said before, Couvre' and Toppik are GREAT products. My advice to you is to take everything you read with a grain of salt. I put up a thread on my own success with these products a few months ago here.





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