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Revita twice a day.


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If you follow the instructions that come with Revita (applying it twice in 1 "session"), using it twice a day would mean 4 applications per day. Personally, I wouldn't feel comfortable putting ketoconazole on my scalp 4 times a day.

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I use revita and have been using it for about 2 months, it was recommended by Dr. Cooley and staff to me.


1. It is about 28 bucks or so if I remember correctly. I bought it from www.revitashampoostore.com.


2. Stand alone it is a very good shampoo. It leaves your hair super soft and manageable. I actually just read the instructions and they recommend you use a good quality conditioner after shampooing. I don't feel worried about using it too much or it hurting my head...just my wallet ; )


3. Ketoconazole looks in literature to be better than SELENIUM SULFIDE in treating some scalp conditions, although I don't how it affects DHT / male pattern hair loss, if any.

From a ingredients stand point, revita looks good, a mix of multiple ingredients to promote a healthy scalp rather than promote per se hair growth. That is how I feel only from my experience.


4. So does it help with hair growth? I don't know. I use it 3-4 times a week. I use Kendra anti-dandruff shampoo the rest of the time, which works well for me. I did use revita only for two weeks and didn't notice an change. Maybe that wasn't long enough. Is it worth the money? well I quess you'll have to see. For me, norizal products left my hair matted and unmanageable.


Well good luck. Hope this helped you a little and I don't think using revita too much will burn a hole in your head.

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