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Best shampoo regime after HT


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Any guys who've had a HT, can you post your hairwash regimen during the 6 months delicate/growing time post-HT.

I'm 2 mths post HT and currently only using a mild shampoo as a daily wash. Do u think this is sufficient? any suggestions?


Proscar 1.25mg - daily for 3mths

Rogaine foam - twice daily for 1mth

Johnsons baby shampoo = daily

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I thought most HT surgeons gave you their recommended regimen for quite a long time after HT?


Not that these are always reliable, and all the ones I've seen are different which is wierd.


If Johnson's baby shampoo is working for you, I'd keep using it until you feel the HT's have fully taken, when that is- 3/6 months? I don't know. After that maybe go onto a gentle but useful shampoo like Revita?

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