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1,197 20g (1) hairs 577 19 g (1-2) hairs 1,774 total

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Patient requested restoring his hairline with a less receded look. Presently patient has a comb down look and will conceal the surgery very nicely until he is able to comb his hair back off his face, which is his desire.


Patient was placed on Propecia 6months prior to his surgery and a conservative hairline was restored working the frontal third of his scalp. Patient will be reviewed in one year, 2010.


919104055_465C4DB9B5DE0EAF110FCD36CA56249B.jpg.thumb 819104055_FBD8CAA522D2A7D407A0658F3E2E8C6D.jpg.thumb 729104055_70F4ADC48BE7BBB07B64C959F15FFE30.jpg.thumb 629104055_E0D33DC293833A9BDB06087FE72E414D.jpg.thumb 529104055_5B90933883932F8F8792240D06346830.jpg.thumb 429104055_FB0D344F2D73280BBFA40386E5FDC3DA.jpg.thumb 329104055_03BF2109877115B7AB110F23B8A20564.jpg.thumb 229104055_A8C4B3B4232CC58505F1115429676E62.jpg.thumb 129104055_44EE29D3CC385FA68104CB5FF40B27AF.jpg.thumb



Dr. Gencheff is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network
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