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TE caused by acute pancreatitis or aggressive hairloss?


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So I have been on Propecia for about nine months and before eight months I would say I was responding well. Then I had a shed around eight months that shed was fine. Then I had to go to the hospital for acute pancreatitis. I was on anti-biotics for two weeks. Since getting out of the hospital two weeks ago this past Wednesday my hair has thinned out progressively. I am only shedding thin hairs now but needless to say I am a bit worried.


I have narrowed it down to four things:

1. TE caused by acute pancreatitis

2. My hair loss becoming more agressive (bummer if so)

3. hyperandrogenicity because I have noticed my face has become slightly more oily this week but I am not breaking out and my libido is normal

4. Just going through a heavy (unusual) nine month shed on Propecia.


I hope it is 1. or 4.


I have also noticed my scalp is a little sore in some areas, picking flakes off my scalp, and itching in some areas, luckily not that crown itch. It doesn't seem like nizoral 1% which I have used for years and Jason's tea tree shampoo is helping that much.


Any response would be greatly appreciated.

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