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Surgical Experience with Dr. Keene on Decamber 22, 2009

mike s

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I just arrived back to my hotel after my 1 day post-operative visit with Dr. Keene's office in Tuscon, Arizona. I must say that I was very satisfied to say the least. After months of research on this and other websites and reviewing hundred of pictures, her office did not disappoint. I am a very particular individual and this was my second hair transplant procedure. The last being only 13 months ago, of which I was only somewhat pleased with my results. I would consider myself to be a Norwood Class 2 with a slightly receding hairline. Probably having about average hairloss for a 42 year-old male. I found her office to be very focused, professional and educated. It was a "well-oiled" machine where the nurses were very experienced and cohesive. She was very well-staffed and it appeared as though everyone had a specific task that they were very well-trained to perform. I also found Dr. Keene to be extremely knowledgeable and receptive to trying to meet call of my transplant needs and concerns. She believes that th goal of hair transplantation is a lot more than putting some hair on the head of someone with severe hairloss. She is very familiar with the latest studies, techniques and patient surveys. I have worked as a Dermatology P.A. for 10 years now, so I already know a little about hair transplantation to begin with, even thouh we don't perform that procedure in the practice that I work for anymore. Obviously, the final results are many months away, but if you are looking to aggressively restore your hairline, I feel that it would be hard to find a better physician in the U.S. I traveled all the way from Orlando, Florida during the holidays, and it was worth it!!!

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