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bangcock yahnee hospital Dr Prasert

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Hi there Italianuk


I have been to this doc while being on vacation to Thailand and had planned my ht with him, I had made a consultation with this doc and he's a very friendly guy who'll listen to all your desires and wants to achieve them for you. I have met some patients of him who had a great result, although they were all thai and as we know ht with asians most of the time get a better looking result due to their hairchateristics but some of his examples he showed me of western people all looked very promising and so I was about to have my surgery although it would happen on the third last day of my trip so in the end I have cancelled it because I would not go through the airport with a swollen face: unrecogniseable which would be hard to explain icon_biggrin.gif also I wanted to enjoy some more partying with my thai friends on my last days there that I cancelled. But for me he seems to be a great hairsurgeon. Srry I can't say more than that.

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