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Keene surgery done in 1994

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I just wanted to post this result, even though it is from when Dr. Keene first started doing hair restoration surgery, because I was reading the posts on how some patients feel it is not ethical that doctors ever did the really unnatural plugs, and how the technology has not changed, just it's use. We completely agree that the technology was there to do natural transplants long before it was adopted by many clinics! These photos are before and 15 months after of a patient Dr. Keene restored in 1994, with around 700 grafts. His result is completely natural, at a time when plugs were still common.


The doctors who pioneered micro grafting techniques, now called follicular unit grafting, years before many others, worked very hard to bring the technique to the forefront. They helped to train other doctors in the technique, and have refined the technique even more over the years, so today's patients can find doctors who offer a procedure with a completely natural result. Some patients were even able to do that in the early 90's, as you can see from this result.






I am a medical assistant and hair transplant surgical assistant employed by Dr. Keene


Dr. Keene is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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An excellent result for sure. Thanks for sharing.


11/04-07 - 800-1600 ish grafts - danish clinic - poor results


12/02-08 - 2764 grafts - Dr. Devroye - good result but needs hairline density


03/12-10 - 1429 grafts - Dr. Mohmand - result pending


Feel free to visit my picture thread


My Hair Transplant Photos - Surgery with Dr. Devroye


Young lads below 25 unite!

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This is obviously a very impressive result. I have a tough time understanding that only 700 grafts were used to cover a pretty large area. Seems like from my research many docs would recommend something like 2500-3000 grafts. Perhaps I am wrong, but can someone explain this, please?


This is a 700 graft one pass result..?


Looks great!!

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