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Dr. Devroye


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Hello Friends,


I have been loosing my hair for many years.


Now I wish to take the first step toward a new future.


I have read much praise about Dr. Devroye, but not from a person who has actually had work done by him.


Has anyone had work done by Dr. Devroye?


Does anyone Know-of someone who has had work done by Dr. Devroye, or seen pictures of his work, other than the pics on his website?


Any advice would be appreciated,



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If you're looking for actual patients of his, you may want to use the "find" feature of this community and search for "Devroye".


Several of his patients have also shared their hair transplant experiences and photos on our patient websites. Click here to view and contact patients who've had hair transplants with Dr. Devroye.


Best wishes,



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