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56 y/o male; 2048 grafts; Dr. Beehner

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This 56 y/o male came to me in consultation in late 2003 and had a first session of only 1040 grafts (801 FU's and 239 MFU's totaling 2793 hairs) at that time. Two of the photos shown demonstrate what he looked like 9 months after that single session. On that same day he had a second session of 1008 grafts (805 FU's and 203 MFU's totaling 3192 hairs). Thus he had a total of 2048 grafts and 5985 hairs. He presented to us for a third session 5 years later and those photos are shown. It's hard to pick up in the "before" photos, but there are some old large grafts that took very poorly 15 years prior to his having come to me. His recent session was a touch-up of 1253 FU grafts through the front-middle area.


969106775_9A45C75028DC3F5EDD6DAF2B08B08399.jpg.thumb 959106775_5B41D5397D182B1035D2007E23612E43.jpg.thumb 869106775_0D52E92C8DD5E53170F8F5B0B70059B3.jpg.thumb 859106775_150593771FD305948183D36AB691A11F.jpg.thumb 769106775_C81F000A991CA68D376BE319142F6A84.jpg.thumb 759106775_A50AA23B0AA92E221EED0836ACF67D01.jpg.thumb 669106775_5A106E85F1A06D2E46C3FF3A316B4792.jpg.thumb 569106775_F2BB5EE0AD194BDACA4087F1A3C94CD8.jpg.thumb 469106775_B6D701CD6894C0136B763EB6A13A6E27.jpg.thumb 369106775_7829DB070045FD32E10DF6FEDF3E8128.jpg.thumb 269106775_F83D3246C5E1E65397C4AA1BD7D65CA6.jpg.thumb 179106775_8C950B46FF9BCEA5561BB1344A0F5766.jpg.thumb 169106775_497B930EA366E65C7A1B51940188B424.jpg.thumb



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