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Do pulling out white hairs make them less likely to grow back?

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I'm 29, and have been pulling out all my white hairs for about 5 years. At first, I was happy at the thought that they might not grow back after being plucked too many times, but as I get older that means that I may have less and less hair for possible transplantation. My hair is black which makes white hairs stand out.


Also, are there any new methods to dye white hairs (some of which are very short) quickly? I do not have that many, I don't want to have to dye my whole head just for 30-50 white hairs.

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If you continue to pluck the same hairs over and over, there is a possibility that permanant damage could be caused. There are some simple dying products that take just a few minutes to apply and work really good. Keep the hair you have. They may come in handy later.

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