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Orbital Floor Fracture Post-op dissatisfaction?

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I recently had an orbital floor fracture procedure and am dissatisfied with the results. One eye looks different from the other and I wanted to know if anyone here knew of a plastic surgeon who could asses the situation that wasn't my opthamologist who performed the procedure.. Or are opthamologists typically the people who perform these kind of surgeries?

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Usually it's an ENT, Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon or Plastic Surgeon who repair orbital floor fractures. Usually ophthalmologists stay away from orbital work - they don't like it. If you had a subconjunctival incision done and the fat was lifted into your orbit and mesh placed you should not have enophthalmos (sunken in appearance) to the eyes. However, if a little fat was not pushed up, that can lead to one being sunken in. Hopefully no double vision. Can see plastic surgeon or Oral-maxillofacial surgeon for repair - may be difficult to do however.

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