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24 year old weird hairloss pattern


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I'm 24 and I'm experiencing frontal and midsclap hairloss. This is def new to me. My hairline always receded at the temples, but I didn't mind it, in fact I liked it. I thought it always looked good slicked back. However now it's moved to my midscalp. I got a perscription for Propecia and have been on it for one month. No side effects at all, but thats because it'd take a mack truck to stop my sex drive. I started rogaine with it too, both the same day. I don't know how long I can keep rogaine up though, it's hard to keep applying twice a day. Anyways my hairloss is weird, because my right temple is much further than the other. I comb my hair over to cover that side. (24 and already doing the comb over not good).


I'm posting pics to show you where I'm at. Hopefully, my doctor says I may have caught it in time. He says the drugs are more to maintain the hair I have than regrow. I know it takes time to work so I'll be patient. For the time being, I can cover it up pretty well to where it isn't noticeable, but I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle.


I'll post more pics as time goes on to see if either of the drugs do anything. I've looked into hair restoration, because I actually make a good living and could afford it. And I really really really want to keep my hair. I'd rather drive a beat up clunker with hair than a BMW without. But I'm almost sure I'd be too young. The doc would tell me, wait and see with the propecia and that my balding is still progressing therefore he can't help me.


Anyways, I have a full poof of hair right on my widow peak area, but a half circle around it I'm losing coverage. The back and crown area are not affected at all.


What do you guys think of my situation?


952103191_877988E01BA287660E8682BE28B4CA9C.jpg.thumb 852103191_9042ACFD4605C408A3774A60A15CB702.jpg.thumb 752103191_5657C7B20494D43F80637C7F26C1649D.jpg.thumb 162103191_920016E10AACF15CE5416F13C291B011.jpg.thumb



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You have the typical Island pattern forming. This is not so unusual.

But you have a chance at regrowth based on your age and recent start up of Propecia.

maybe drop the Rogaine for now and just see how the Propecia works for you.

Rogaine is a messy lifelong commitment.

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