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The Waiting Game...

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Ok, after years of research and contributing to this site, the waiting time is by far the hardest part! When does the shock loss hair regrow, if its going to? Also, when does the new transplanted hair begin to grow? Being impatient is NOT helpful in this respect! This is hard... I know that everyone heals differently, and I know that not much happens in 1 month (5 weeks), but, I'm sure I'm not alone with the "wondering when" thing! Thanks in advance for your input.

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Nobody likes to wait, especially if you're experiencing shock loss. The first couple months after my first 2 hair transplants were miserable. I spent way too much time in front of the mirror and probably drove my wife crazy with how fixated I was on my hair (or lack thereof).


Hair loss caused by shock should start to grow back around the same time your transplanted hair starts to grow (3 to 5 months after surgical hair restoration). It may take up to 6 months or a year for shocked hair to return in full.


I know the wait is rough, but try not to obsess. Instead, fixate your mind on more important things and live your life. Before you know it, your new head of hair will be there.


All the Best,



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