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mini FUE?

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With a previous FUT/strip scar (two surgeries 900 grafts each - one scar) and a professional career, I'm finding it hard to decide on the best strategy forward to address thinning that probably needs 500-1000 grafts. I do not want any sort of shaving. Last two procedures were without recipient area shaving. Both with good result. My strip scar is quite close to the hair line and I dont want to mess around with excellent thin scar. Also my best donor area seems to be the sides of the head above the ears.


Hence I wonder if I should ask someone to do a mini FUE procedure without shaving (other than a small, thin strip that will not obviously show) With minimal inconvenience to work? Also I wonder why more surgeons dont work this way producing a more natural result over a longer period of time (the cynic in me says that surgeons dont do this because they can charge you more money for a single session and post more impressive results).


Any thoughts/advice?

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I have seen pics from a Dr. Harris' clinic in Colarado, where FUE is harvested in parallel strips (that is strips of buzzed hair - not surgical strips) and the patient was able to wear their hair normally immediately post-surgery in the donor area. I think he also does HTs without shaving the recipient too, but I could be wrong.

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