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Hair Transplant Video Interviews with Dr. Brad Limmer

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Our latest video release on YouTube is a collection of video interviews with Coalition member Dr. Bradley Limmer. Each video has been added to a playlist for easy viewing.




To learn more about Dr. Limmer and his philsophy on hair transplant surgery and patient care, visit "http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=601EA13EA62D59EB" on YouTube.




To see all of our videos, visit our Hair Transplant Video Channel on YouTube.


For a few of the video interviews with Dr. Limmer that can be found on YouTube, see below. Your feedback on these videos or any of the topics Dr. Limmer speaks on is welcome.




How Dr. Bradley Limmer Became a Hair Restoration Physician







Reasons to Choose Dr. Bradley Limmer for Hair Transplant Surgery







Dr. Bradley Limmer - Free Advice to Prospective Hair Transplant Patients







Hair Transplant Naturalness and Density by Dr. Bradley Limmer







Dr. Bradley Limmer - Selecting a Hair Transplant Surgeon









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