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left and right side ,3 weeks after

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Hey guys!


I am 3 weeks after FUT and today when I woke up I realized that on my right side I lost some hair and on right one everything looks normal.


Is that the "shocking fase" that I read about ? I attached few the pics so you can see for yourself.


What do you think ?





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When referencing shock loss, most people are referring to loss of native, non transplanted hair in and around where the surgical procedure was performed. It doesn't look like you're experiencing that. What you are seeing is the loss of transplanted hairs as they go into a resting period which can last anywhere from 3-18 months. 4-5 months seems to be most typical time period prior to their regrowth. The loss can be uneven or uniform. It's not going to look pretty for a couple of months yet. Everything you're seeing is typical. Patience is your best friend.

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