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1200 FUE Grafts For Mature, Age Appropriate Hairline- Dr. Umar

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This patient was considered to be at a Norwood level 3-4 due to hair loss at the hairline and temples. He wanted to achieve an extremely natural looking restoration which would be appropriate for his age. Therefore he chose a conservative and mature looking result. Using Follicular Unit Extraction, Dr. Umar removed 1200 grafts from the scalp and nape. These were carefully inserted to create an extremely natural looking result. Since nape hair is thinner, these grafts were used along the edges of the hairline and temples to replicate the soft, featured edge these contours.


The patient commented that his own barber was astonished to learn that he had undergone a hair restoration procedure since there was no linear scar. Also other people were not able to tell that he had undergone surgery until he decided to tell them.


Here are before and after photos of his procedure.






To watch the patient's video and learn more about this case,

click here



Representing Dr. Umar of DermHair Clinic.


Dr. Umar is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network

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