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FUE longevita's trichologist.

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Hi to all,


Its’ has been 2 weeks already since I had my FUE procedure with longevita in Istanbul Turkey. I had 4,200 grafts in total in one session. On the day of the procedure I had a mix emotions and apprehensive asking myself if I did the right choice? But it turned out to be a smooth procedure and good experience with them. I’ am quite happy a contented of how they handled the operation very well led by trichologist Kazim Sipahi. (must admit injections was painful at first) . Also I was pretty amazed to see the clinic itself look modern and clean, busy with people who work there and patients too from different nationalities. I know it’s too early to tell If my FUE was a success but by looking at my head I can see how the grafted follicles was meticulously in place in my head . So I’m quite optimistic.( I only have a bit of concern/question about the donor area at the back of my head where they extracted the follicles from if they will grow back again as normal after being harvested?)


Finally longevita is a good choice for me and they were very helpful and assisted all the way. their price is affordable too compare to other clinics. For the record longevita is not a clinic but they are brokers (as I understand) who advertise on the internet then subcontract this out to Estethica to undertake the necessary procedures. Therefore you will be getting excellent surgeons who has carried out a multiple operations with appropriate certifications and many years of experience.

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Hi Rhon,


The follicles taken from your donor area will not grow back, they have been permanently moved to the recipient area. The rest of the hair at the back will grow as normal and you won't even notice any are missing.


Did they not explain that to you before the procedure?



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Hi Rhon,


I am very close to booking a procedure with Longevita. The last remaining decision is to book with either Dr Resat or trichologist Dr Sipahi.I am aware that surgery with Dr Resat is led by his team of technicians for extracting and implanting graphs. Does Dr Sipahi also have a team of technicians or does he do most of the work himself ?


Is there really much of a gap in skill level between a trichologist and a surgeon ?



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