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Diffused Hairloss


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Hi all -


I suffer from diffused hairfall - back and crown. Its been four months since I began using Minoxidil + Fin 1 mg/day. I have noticed considerable progress in terms of - (I) less shedding of hair (sometimes hardly any hair, when I oil/massage my hair) (ii) partial re-growth in some areas. I think I should be able to maintain my existing hair.


However, my worry is, at the back(where most people have DHT resistant hair) my hair has fallen in patches/spots. I wonder if this onset will continue. Will applying minoxidil to these spots help slow down the hair-fall/thicken existing hair? Should I or should I not apply minoxidil there?


I will post some photos in a while!



Quasar C.

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It's becoming very common now a days that people are facing hair loss problem at the very small age. And it's very important to control otherwise need to do hair treatments like tranplant & all.


so MPB was not known in young men 30 yrs ago???

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