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Dr. Diep 3200 Grafts FUT Jan. 10 2015

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Hello Everyone! A little bit about myself, I have been suffering from hair loss since the age of 20 (Turning 25 in a few months) and I had my first transplant done at Virginia Surgical in Virginia Beach at the age of 22. I was told I had about 900 grafts FUT placed on my temples to put density on a receding hairline (Norwood 2) and was very unsatisfied with the results as they looked like hair plugs. I was younger and dumber and didn't do my research and was very desperate to retain my youth. The next year following my first procedure I moved to San Diego and was desperate again for another HT as the Norwood 2 was progressing into a 3V. This time I had my procedure done in San Diego by Dr. ____ (Not sure if I'm allowed to post names of surgeons that suck!) and was told I was given 1800 grafts FUT where they reopened my old scar. This time I was feeling very hopeful as the consultant knew the tricks into drawing me in and made it "affordable" that I could not resist. Silly me fell into it and a year passes by and I'm still not seeing positive results. It had looked like nothing changed at all since my first HT. Fast forward into today, I've done months and months of research on this site and seem to be very interested in the works of Dr. Diep. I'm Filipino and seeing that Dr. Diep has worked with a lot of patients of Asian ethnicity had me going because the prior surgeons did not have a very diverse portfolio of their patient results. So I took the plunge and told myself this will be the last time that I'm ever getting an HT in a very long time and the last time I'll ever get an FUT because it sucks and it hurts! In the past all I cared about was being desperate for a quick fix and having it affordable (I've truly learned from my mistakes that for these situations, it's all about quality and not quantity). I'm currently 2 weeks post op and had 3200 grafts done by Dr. Diep. One thing I have to say is that I'm not too impressed with the donor site being that it looks a bit wider and much longer than my prior HT and I was told that the trichophytic method will help in the long run. It's still too early to tell but all I can do is pray and sit back as I count down the days once again. I am open to criticism as this site is highly respected with the best individuals who can provide the best advice through personal experience. Wish me luck! :o

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2 Weeks Post-Op


- I buzzed my head because I start school soon and work, and I can't look like a fool with this kind of haircut. I was just very worried about my huge donor scar, and I will attempt to cover it with DermMatch for the first time today.


- I also agreed for Dr. Diep to give the ACell injections and hoping that may contribute to a good healing donor scar. Very nervous but we'll see. Anybody have any experiences they can relate to?


- I have several different lighting angles to show the density of my native and graft hairs


- I just started using Rogaine foam and will start to continue the Nizoral routine today. Only taking Biotin 5000mcg and multi-vitamins.


- Propecia was highly recommended by Dr. Diep, but I'm just too afraid to take the chance, and I know medication will be very costly down the road. Still very skeptical at the moment, but we'll see how the Rogaine/Nizoral/Biotin combination works with the HT.










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