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turkey transplantation .. please help

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hi all


iam considering a transplantat for the anterior hair line


iam from egypt and i need u to recommend any arabic or turkish clinic but to be trustworthy


i really need ur help i couldnt check through the forum seeking reviews because my languge is not fairly good so i hope u could advice me here


i also want to ask if anyone heared about dr mehmet guculu ( AVRUPA sac ekim) at the uropean center - ISTANBUL


i saw many good reviews for him and was intending to do it there till i knew he is not a dr but he is a transplant expert


i dont know if this should prevent me from doing the transplant there ?? or this is common???


waiting for ur help with all my respect

thnx in advance

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I recommend you to prefer some recommended clinics here which the doctor use his or her own name to entitle his/her clinic, such as Dr Koray Erdogan Clinic or Dr. Hakan Clinic,


The others with some names like those, -European Hair Clinic, World Hair Clinic, Best Hair Clinic, Darling Hair Clinic, Health Tourism Hair Clinic,ie, may be technicians-operated and they could provide license from the licenced doctors by hiring, and you can not see any licenced doctor during your treatment.


Search and learn about Dr. Guculu's professionalism, specialty, and experience and do not trust advertorial stuff, -even the videos or pictures. Some members said that only aesthetic plastic and dermatologic surgeons were licenced HT doctors in Turkey.

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