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Hair Transplant Dr Hakan Dogonay (AHD) - 1770 graphs - Jan 2015

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Hi guys


Firstly wanted to say thanks to this forum for providing an honest and useful resource in helping me make an informed choice regarding my hair transplant. I must say at times the research can become overwhelming and confusing. I guess like any surgery cosmetic or otherwise there is no guarantee of success so its important to do the research and make an informed choice.


Following much deliberation and research I decided on Dr Hakan Doganay. He had a good track record despite some negative reviews (which were not really quantified) and the response time from the clinic (Muslum) was prompt and informative. I liked the fact that Dr Dogany performed the implanting himself and the CHOI implanting tool seemed like a good option due as ability to make smaller incisions resulting in quicker recovery.


Im from the UK and having missed my flight two weeks earlier due to a vehicle problem with my arranged lift (thankfully the AHD team were understanding) I was very relieved to arrive safely in Turkey on Sunday 4th Jan. I was met at the airport by Didem and taken to the private hospital and shown to my room. I liked the fact that the whole procedure and where I would stay was under one roof and I also found it reassuring that I was in an actual private hospital. Didem arranged for a meal to be sent to the room as it was around 9pm.


I was woken in the morning by nurses who took my blood, after breakfast Didem took me down to meet the doctor for my consultation. After meeting Muslum , Dr Hakan arrived and despite not speaking fluent english I was impressed by his warm professional demeanor. This was not an issue as both Muslum and Didem were always on hand where needed.


After consultation he determined that I would not require the 2000 graphs originally quoted in the online consultation and that around 1500 would suffice. This was pleasing and gave light and reassurance to the fact that the clinic was there to provide a good service and not just make money.


Following the consultation the before pictures were taken and two strips were shaven on the back of my head for the donor area. As I have longer hair the strips can not be seen when my hair flaps back over them.


I was then taken into the procedure room where there is a large team of nurses that support the doctor for the procedure. Dr Hakan then used a local anesthetic for the donor and recipitent sites, the initial injections were a bit uncomfortable but pain was bearable. This was the only pain I felt throughout the procedure. Dr Hakan made sure at intervals I was OK and comfortable.


I then laid face down and the nurses set about carrying out the extractions which took just over an hour for 1500 graphs.


Following the extractions after a toilet break and an orange juice and cake Dr Hakan carried out the implanting procedure along with 4 nurses loading the pens . At the end of the operation Dr Hakan asked me if I would like the lower thinning area (see pics) also filled and a further 270 graphs were extracted and implanted. From start to finish the whole procedure lasted about 4 hours.


I was then cleaned up and taken back to my room, which I was glad was only a short walk from the procedure room. I then rested up ate, slept and took advantage of the free wifi until the next day. I did experience some mild pain which was alleviated by painkiller supplied.


After breakfast I was taken down to the clinic by Muslum and Dr Hakan inspected the recipient area and was pleased with the result. I was then given the fisrt wash with the nurse and shown how to apply the lotion and correctly wash the hair 15 mins afterwards. Muslum then provided me with the post op meds along with instructions. a little later I was taken to the airport to get my flight.


All in all im very pleased with experience from first contact with the clinic and my visit from start to finish. I found Dr Hakan and his staff both professional , warm and friendly and I felt instantly at ease.


Obviously as with any surgery results are not guaranteed but I feel that a great job has been carried out so far, and now hope the outcome is successful. (fingers crossed) . What was also reassuring is that Muslum said if I was not happy with the result to contact them after 12 months where they would happily discuss review and offer a solution. That in itself along with the reduced graphs that were originally quoted is reassuring and speaks volumes for the clinic to me.


I will update progress with pictures throughout the year and have attached the before and post op pictures.


Any feedback most welcome or questions please do not hesitate to ask














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