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Dr. Suggestions Frontal Hairline/DensePacking


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I am 31 years old and my frontal hairline is slowly going away. I AM VERY LUCKY THAT MY SITUATION IS NOT SEVERE. However, I need to find the absolute best doctor at constructing a natural yet dense frontal hairline. I was originally looking for someone in SO Cal but the more I think about it the more I am concerned about finding the perfect doctor regardless of geography. So, please tell me who specializes in dense packing and the frontal hairline.


I am going to have a hair transplant in June of this year. I am very lucky to have been taking propecia since I was 18. So, I only have thinning/recession in the front around the hairline. I am currently taking AVODART, Rogaine, and Propecia. I have visited several doctors. Some of them have recommended as few as 800-900 grafts. Others have recommended as many as 1200. Having done my own research it seems silly to have the surgery for anything less than 1200 grafts. Thoughts?


Finally, my hair isn't bad enough to risk having anything less than a near perfect frontal hairline as a result of the procedure. I am currently considering Dr. Melvin Mayer and Dr. Craig Ziering. Opinions on these doctors? Ziering wants 9000 and Mayer wants 5000. I am more concerned about having a great result than the cost but paying nearly double has me concerned. Thoughts? Opinions? Ideas? If you were in my situation which doctor would you choose? Do you think that I should consult with another surgeon? WHO IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST DOCTOR FOR FRONTAL HAIRLINE RECONSTRUCTION AND DENSITY IN NORTH AMERICA?



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