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I've been on Propecia for 3 months, but decided to switch to Proscar to save money. Picked up the prescription today and noticed that the Pharmacist gave me generic finasteride instead of Procsar. Finasteride is Finasteride, correct? Cost is certainly much better ($15 for a 28 day supply), but want to make sure that I will be taking the same thing I've been on for 3 months now.


Other than not wanting to cut the pills, is there a reason someone would stick with Propecia over the generic finasteride?

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You are correct: finasteride is finasteride. Many guys wind up switching over to the generic Proscar, and with a pill splitter, routinely cutting the tablets shouldn't become too big a hassle.


Upping the dosage slightly shouldn't be a problem if you've responded well to Propecia, and you're still free to split Proscar into 5ths anyway. But I would cut the pills as needed to possibly extend the shelf life, not the entire prescription ahead of time.





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