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How's Dr. Robert Haber @ CWRU OHIO


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I exchanged several emails with Dr. Robert Haber @ Ohio, and he turned out to be nice in the conversation. Before settle everything down with him, I'm wondering if anyone here had experience with him, and how the surgery goes.


In general how many surgery techs there are, and which one is Robert using? Would it destroy native good hairs?


Any comments or suggestoins are appreciated.




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Dr. Haber is a highly esteemed member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Surgeons. He has been prescreened by this community and visited and observed in surgery by Pat Hennessey, publisher of the Hair Transplant Network. To see highlights from Pat's visit to his clinic with surgical photos, click here.


Only a few patients of his have posted their experiences and photos on our forum however, hopefully in time, there will be more. Feel free to view examples of his work by visiting his patient galleries, or our patient websites. You can see additional examples of his work in the "Results Posted by Leading Hair Transplant Clinics" forum.


The number of technicians used varies depending on the size of the hair transplant procedure. However, he has a number of full time staff on his team to provide state of the art results.


"Shock loss" to your natural hair is a possibility anytime hair is transplanted in between or around existing hair. This is usually temporary. Only miniaturized hair on it's way out anyway may be permanently lost.


I hope this helps get you started in your research.



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