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Dr. Rashid - Mosaic Clinic in Houston, TX

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I'm amazed - the best decision I've ever made in my entire life.


I was thinning really bad, but found Dr. Rashid and he changed my life. Other doctors said I needed 10,000+ grafts, and he told me I only needed 1,500 - He was right. Instead of trying to rip me off, he was honest with me and I could tell that he cared.


There is nowhere else you need to go - Trust me (look at my before/after). I owe everything to Dr. Rashid and I will go back when I get older if I need more grafts.


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Nice!. I wonder if the other docs meant 10,000 hairs i.e about 3-4k grafts. Either way the more i look around the more i see and hear of cases looking pretty good with less. You always have to watch for docs that only like the super big cases. Its almost like an internal cut off or minimum quota. Honest docs are the best, so what if you do less and its a little thin, you can always do more later. Why not take baby steps, probably end up great like you, and if not, just do more. But of course some people like to take the plunge all out and I understand that also. Time and budget probably play a role.

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