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Tax on HT when crossing border?

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I will be having a procedure this month in the US and I will be travelling by car to enjoy some extra time off work.


In my experience with crossing the border back into Canada from the US while on the road there are certain controlled items the crossing authority will check for. But once I was given a hard time for almost forgetting to mention I had a $900 repair on my vehicle when it broke down. This was supposed to be reported, and I could have been asked to pay a duty on this.


Is it possible when leaving the US that customs will want to tax a hair transplant procedure? I am wondering if I should be frank about my reason for travelling to the US, or if I should just say I was on vacation?

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Hi AB2000,


Since a hair transplant is a service and not a product you are bringing back into your country of origin, you shouldn't have to declare it. One thing you do have to consider is any medication the doctor assigns...of course, you would want to declare an item like this so, indirectly, you might have to mention the HT. Hope this helps!

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