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Hi Guys


Hope you are all well. I'm curious to received comments for where I am at 3 months/ 2 weeks. I see my hair everyday. I think the new grafts are beginning to grow, but unsure about my shockloss. What do you think?


Pic Description:


1 & 2 - Before

3 & 4 - Day after Surgery

5 & 6 - 10 Days after surgery

7 - 1 Month after Surgery

8 - 2 Months after Surgery

9 - 3 Months after surgery










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Really? It's hard to see progress when you see it every day.


I had 2,000 grafts. FUE. Dr Ineiko at Harley Street hair clinic. I only had a few hundred at crown. Think it caused some shock loss as looks much thinner than before.

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