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Procedures with Dr. Feller

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I am 29 year old male with male pattern baldness since early 20s. It's probably in stage 3 (Bald spot develops at the crown in addition to significant hair loss at the front of the hairline). I tend to shave it down to a crew cut.


I am considering Feller in the next year but I have hesitations...


What is the typical cost of a hair transplant? Is financing usually offered since insurance surely won't cover procedures?


How long will an average surgery last? Are you completely under during the process?


My barber advised against any procedures because of scarring. Should I want to even shave my head with a full head of hair, then supposedly there will be visible scars. Is this a concern or is it rumor?

Thank you for your help.

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Dr Feller is a good choice. I don't think he offers finance but you would have to ask. You will be awake during surgery, but you don't feel anything.You would have a scar if you had strip surgery but you would only notice it if you shaved right down. Keep doing the research plenty of info,pics,etc good luck

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I would hazard a guess that you'd be looking in the neighberhood of ~10k, possibly a bit less.


Surgery time really varies, as our physiology can range patient to patient, making some people easier, at least to the extent that the work can be completed a bit quicker (e.g. when implanting the grafts). But I'd expect to be in the chair for ~8hours. You can listen to music, watch movies, get breaks, etc., so it isn't too brutal. Get a massage the night before, IMO.


If you were to undergo HTs you'd basically be putting shaving down out of the question.


If you believe you want to shave down, and at least keep it as an option, I would consider the following:


A FUE session (perhaps, spread across a couple days) to artfully create the constructs of a hairline, and coverage. You could then possibly shave down.


There are downsides to this, but if you truly want the option to shave, and/or you want to buzz down and simply have the stubble/remnants of a nice hairline, etc., I would consider this, and discuss it with some Dr's.


Dr. Feller is a paramount leader in FUE, so discussing all your options with him directly is your best bet. SMG (Ron/Paul Shapiro) have begun doing a lot of FUE, too, and are as respectable and classy a clinic as you can find, so you could consult with them, too.


Dr. Feller, Shapiro and their respective clinics treat hair transplantation the right way, and that they both have risen to the challenge of FUE is no surprise, and you should take advantage of consulting with them as they can best counsel you with both strip *and* FUE in mind, and give you the best options as they see them.


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