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3440 Graft FUT With 5 mo follow-up photos

Guest Dr. Brandon Ross

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Guest Dr. Brandon Ross

This is a 59 y/o gentleman who had a 3440 graft follicular unit transplant. Of the follicular units, there were 523 single-hair follicles, 2043 2-hair follicles and 874 3-hair follicles. The total number of hairs grafted is 7231.

Follow-Up pictures are at 5 months post-op.










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Dr. Ross,


The surgical photos look good, nice and refined. At 5 months, it seems like this patient has some growth starting, but I expect much more is yet to come given the number of grafts transplanted and in comparing them to the surgical photos.


I hope you'll keep us posted on this patient's progress.


Thanks for posting.



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Dr. Ross can you post any before and after pictures of any patients that you have completed to represent the quality of work that you do, this example is hard to gauge how good your work is because for it does not show much

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