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Looking for reassurance!

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Hi guys,


I'm currently at the 3 month stage ( hopefully you can all see that from my prof picture?) I have shaved it twice down to a number 1 and am considering doing it again this weekend...

Not sure if my hair regrowth is at a good stage or not? And whether shaving it down prevents any regrowth or if it actually helps? I was under the notion that maybe keeping it short for the first 6 months then when the majority or hairs have come through try to grow it properly??


Need advice please!


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That's exactly what I did!! Glad I did, doesn't harm the grafts at all, you can shave after 1 month a buzz cut, no razors though!!

I found the biggest change from 7 -10 months! Kept mine at a 1 till then!!

Much better to monitor growth and see any areas that may need a touch up and your not having the problem of having to Style hair that's not ready to be styled yet!!

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