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My experience with Dr. serkan and my hair started falling after 10th day


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hi everyone

i had my HT with Dr. Serkan (who by the way haven't met but he owns the clinic) but the staff was very friendly and skillful. At the beginning i had a conversation with Dr. serkan over Whatsapp sending him my pic and he said :"i suggest u need 3000 grafts (7000 hair) on the frontal area but your crown area needs only medication".





i did went to the clinic and met the staff who suggested they can harvest 4500 grafts and they will cover the frontal area and give some density in the mid-top area. and the cost was 2100 $ including transportation and 3-star hotel for three nights ...no complaints about the hotel i'm here for the surgery only

the surgery went great no surprises. however i did suffer the first days with the blood and the way i sleep. but overall it was not bad.





Now after 10th days i'm started to get worried my transplanted hair started to fall along with dandruff and dead skin and clotted blood. as i took closer look at the fallen hair it was like broken there's no white bulb kinda shape at the end of the hair just black hair



- what does that mean? they told me the hair will fall within a month but 10 days isn't that too soon.does that mean the hair will no longer grow back

what about the deadcells and blood clott should i massage my scalp to allow them to fall

please your help is highly apreciated

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It is normal for transplanted hair to begin shedding at 10 days. Your doctor should have told you that. You will see just the hair shaft, sometimes bent at the end. Did your doctor give you written instructions for post op care?

I am the owner/operator of AHEAD INK a Scalp Micropigmentation Company in Fort Lee, New Jersey. www.aheadink.com

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thank you for your response

they did gave me a photocopy of the doctor recommended medications to be used after op but couldn't get the chance to sit with the doctor and answer my concerns or questions. as for the doctor who did the operation she can't speak English and the interpreter's office always cramped up with concerned patients.

today the doctor assistant answered me .....he said after he saw my pictures it's normal and there's not much crust to worry about ... he's not a doctor so don't know if i should believe him

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