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My Hair Is Extremely Weak..What Does This Mean

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My hair has been following out/shedding a bit lately. I am not sure if this is balding or something else. The hair that is falling out appears to be extremely thin/fine(and almost looks white/clear..my hair is not white as I am 20 years old) and will sometimes be curly and bent even though my hair is straight. Is this a sign of MPB or something else...Thanks for anyhelp you can provide..

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It could be simple shedding that all hairs go through every couple of years. However, given the hair characteristics of the fallen hairs are thinner and ligher in color, it could indeed be the beginning signs of male pattern baldness. If you're not yet seeing visible signs of hair loss, you may want to consult with a dermatologist who can check for signs of miniaturization under magnification. After all, hair loss is usually only noticeable in an area of the scalp after 50% of the hairs fall out.


I hope this helps.



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