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Donor scar coverage treatment

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I got a hair transplant in india a while ago.(FUT)


I got a big scar in the donor area which makes me conscious and very difficult while having a hair cut.

In the long run is there any treatment to reduce the scar or to make it less ugly?


Any pointers would be helpful

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Hi Rahul .....


There are quite a number of options available but they are dependent on what you hope to achieve and how long your hair is.


You may want to camoflauge things with Topik or Nanogens, tattoo into the area if you would like a buzz look, excise the current scar into something smaller and more manageable or have FUE into the scar.


Each of the methods has their pros and cons and will really be dependent on what you would like to achieve in relative to cost. The important thing is to find a solution that works for you and then research, research and research some more to ensure the solution meets your ultimate goal. Not knowing where you currently sit and what you hope for makes it kinda hard to advise but at least here are some idea.


Regards ....


Pepe ....

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