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Finasteride and minoxodil in USA


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Hi all,


I am in a stage between NW1 and NW 2 and been using minoxidil 5% and Finasteride 1mg capsules marketed as Finpecia in India for a while.


I would be moving to Raleigh, North Carolina ,USA in a week. I have been getting minoxidil and finasteride in India without any prescription.

Is there a way to get these in USA or is prescription compulsory? I see that these are being sold in amazon do they sell without prescription? And also are they of good quality and reliable?


Also how are FInasteride 1mg tablets sold & marketed there? Which is the best brand name?


In short my questions:

1) Finasteride 1mg capsules - market name, brand in USA?

2) Is it possible to get finasteride and minoxidil without prescription? If how yes? Or is a prescription from India valid ?

Any inputs would be very much helpful

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Minoxidil - buy over the counter at most supermarkets and drug stores


Finasteride - prescription. Most primary care doctors will prescribe this - and some HT docs or dermatologists will. Cheapest way is to get 5mg tabs and quarter them. This costs less than $5 /month. It is not worth getting sketchy drugs over the internet. Brand name is proscar for 5mg or propecia for 1mg tablets. I just went to my PCP, we talked about the risks and benefits, and then he gave me a prescription.

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