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Best FUE Surgeons in U.S.?


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I wanted to get some feedback and opinions on who/why they feel are the best and most consistent FUE surgeons in the United States.


As we have recently see the trend of this forum feel the top FUE surgeons reside in Europe/Eurasia. Based on the results of Lorenzo, Bisanaga, etc.. one could see why they have such a strong following.


I wanted to see what the current thoughts are on the top U.S. FUE surgeons for those who don't have the ability to travel great lengths.


A lot of patients don't have the ability to travel for a variety of circumstances. It is typically not recommended to let travel sway your decision making process in regards to a hair transplant. It is often not always pratical to travel outside the country you reside in for a variety of reasons and that is why we could use more solid FUE options here in the U.S.


I think FUE is gaining a huge following and become increasingly popular in the last few years and my hopes are that more U.S. clinics will continue to follow this trend. It would be welcoming if some of these top U.S surgeons start implementing some of the FUE techniques (results) of Lorenzo (manual FUE), as well as some of the top Turkish surgeons.

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