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Cheeklift reccomandations

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H folks,


I'm just over 1 month post op with my hair transplant so waiting on that growing in and my fitness routine seems to be paying off. All those gruelling sessions and hungry evenings are staring to work so that's 2 out of my three things I'd lie to change about myself under way.


The third is my face. As a teenager I had terrible acne and I have quite a few pock marks which basically crushed my confidence and in my 20s I had a bout of dermatitis for which i was prescribed steroid cream and foolishly applied it to my face.


Anyway a combination of the cream, losing weight and just general age I guess has left my cheeks looking quite droopy which is bad enough in itself but it really highlights the pockmarks and makes them more visible so i was thinking about getting a cheecklift but I have no idea where to start so some surgeon recommendation would be appreciated.


When I pull the skin up gently just beside my eyes all the droopyness and even most if not all the pockmarks seem to disappear or at least are hardly noticeable and I have discovered I actually have quite decent cheekbones which I must admit.....I'm not hating!


It's just my cheeks I'd like done, not bothered about my forehead or even lines around my eyes because that's just character you get when you age so I'm fine with it. I would like to avoid any of the 'startled' look that the eye seem to get when Hollywood people get this sort of stuff done.


I'm not wanting to look younger, I just want to look good for my age but right now I think my face looks more 56 that 36 and there is a hint of junkie that I get when I look in the mirror but that's probably me exaggerating.


Thanks, any info will be brilliant!


EDIT: I forgot to say I'm in the UK so looking close to home for starters, Europe etc. ta!

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