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Question-Dr Lorenzo


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Hi all,


I would like to know how long did you wait for a reply from Dr Lorenzo via Email?


I sent him an email more than 3 weeks but still waiting for his reply.


Is this normal?


Thank you :confused:

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Did u send it to him o his rep Mick???

He always replied to me the same day o the day after...


What is rep Mick?


Sorry I am new to here; not sure about what that is.


Do you mind to tell me more thank you

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Mick is the patient liaison in MCR.

But search in your junk/spam folder or send it again. All mails are answered.


Jose Antonio

ICC-Injertocapilar.com-Dr. Lorenzo, Dra Vila.


- I work in ICC-Spain human resources, I’m not a sales rep/patient liaison.

- For information, valuations and budget:

coordinadorpacientes@injertocapilar.com(Spain); Mick@farjo.com (MCR)


- New Vimeo Website: https://vimeo.com/user23345553/videos

- New Youtube Website:https://www.youtube.com/shubbapahte

- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/injerto.capilar

- Twitter: https://twitter.com/Injertocapilar


Dr. Jose Lorenzo is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network

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