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9 months ago I had FUE session with hair transplant specialist Safiye Kurt in Turkey and thought i'd share my experience seeing as my decision to do FUE with Safiye Kurt was driven by the education i found some forums. First of all i'd like to thank everyone who provides their experience it really helped me to make a more informed decision and get as much info about FUE as possible. Im not going to go to much into detail about Safiye Kurt all I can say is i'm really happy that chose her and she and her team really looked after me and made me feel welcome and that i think he is an excellent FUE practitioner and they work well together as a team. They also fed me throughout the day and made sure I had everything I needed. I have had a receding hairline for a long time now and it really was effecting my confidence so after researching for 6+ months I decided that FUE was the way I was going to go. I also have had many years of trying different medications, laser gimmicks, and herbal treatments with no luck. On the first day they picked me up from the hotel and took me to hospital where she does the procedure. She drew my hairline first and gave me two options to choose from which i thought was good. Then a nurse shaved my head and we started the procedure. The procedure was over 7 hours and i ended up getting 2430 grafts. Im not sure what the ratio of single/double/triple were however he told me that I have very thin hair (but very dense on the sides and back) so i expect there weren't many triples, more likely doubles and singles. Within 7 hours we were broken up into 2 parts. Extraction and implantation. Extraction went for a few hours and implantation too up all of afternoons. She did all the extractions and she and other nurses worked together on the implantation. Sometimes they swapped while one had a break. For me the procedure was not a nice experience (i assume its the same for everyone?). There were many times throughout the procedure where i questioned my reasoning for doing it. But when it got to the end of day seeing my hairline (or potential hairline) made all the pain worthwhile (providing i get a good result!). The extraction was actually the better part for me, although it is uncomfortable lying on the operation bed for that long with the anesthetic i did not feel much pain.The implantation however was a different story... For me it was very painful, even with anesthetic. Im not sure if it was because on the front part of the scalp maybe the anesthetic didn't take to well in some parts? Im not sure. Even where the anesthetic was working you can also feel the slits being made and someone cutting into your scalp is not a nice experience. Its a strange feeling because it feels a lot worse than it looked once i saw the final result. It felt like he was cutting 1cm wide cuts in my scalp but when i looked it wasn't bad at all. I'm not sure if the feelings are magnified because its the front of the scalp or what but it wasn't nice and it was the longest part of the procedure.Anyway, by the end of day I was very happy it was over. Like i am very happy with the results.












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