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Increasing rates of successful follicle transplantation: peer reviewed studies

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I am curious what data there is out there regarding increasing the success rate of successful hair follicle transplantation (ie. the likelihood that the transplanted follicles will "take").


Beyond surgical technique, I would suspect that anti-inflammatory medications/therapies would allow healing to occur more quickly. Avodart to decrease DHT induced inflammation? Nizoral? Minoxidil to increase regional blood flow? Perhaps even the more vaguely characterized holistic therapies like saw palmetto or pumpkin seed?


I recall a post from years ago where a user reported spraying his head with ice water seemed effective. I doubted it at the time, but reflecting on it later, I wondered if there was some solvency to his claim.


In any case, was wondering if any users here were aware of peer reviewed literature, or even anecdotal experience for strategies to help their FUEs "take" more effectively.


If this is a repeat post, my apologies, I searched the forum and was unable to find a similar thread.

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I'm two weeks post FUE and am spraying alcohol free witch hazel on to my recipient area and it seems to have taken the edge off the redness a fair bit. I've used with hazel on my skin/face for years and I find it really helpful, so figured there'd be no harm in applying it to the scalp once I got to 12-days post procedure, once grafts have taken.


Will follow this post as I am equally interested.

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