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I am a 21 year old female with a bad hairline. My hairline is very high and recedes further back at the temples (looks similar to male-pattern baldness). My hairline has been this way my entire life. All of the living women on my mother's side of the family share this trait and they all had it as children as well.


My question is, can surgical hair transplant work on someone with poor hairline, even if hair has never grown in those areas?


I have been searching all over the internet and I cannot find any information about these procedures in reference to a naturally bad hairline. The couple threads that I have found, people just respond that the person is in denial about their hair loss. I am not. My hair has always been this way. I have a full head of hair, just an ugly hairline.

Thank you

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Yes, there are surgical options for females with high/undesirable hairlines and women with balding patterns similar to those seen in androgenic alopecia.



The first option is traditional hair transplantation via the follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) and the Follicular Unit Extraction method (FUE). Many female patients seeking hairline restoration possess excellent donor supply and obtain excellent results from hair transplant surgery.


The second option is surgical hairline lowering. This procedure involves removing a portion of redundant skin between the scalp and forehead and physically moving the hairline to a lower position. This procedure is more invasive, but produces drastic results. Recommended physician Dr. Kabaker specializes in this procedure, and you may be interested in consulting with his clinic.

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Hi Effe. Are you not pleased with the location of your hairline, or are you not pleased with the density that exists on your hairline? Below is an example of lowering the hairline of a female who had a naturally high hairline and large forehead.



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