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All set for my 2nd HT, little help needed.

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Hello friends


I am from Bombay. I have been suffering from hair loss for about 3 to 4 years now. 2011 is when I took it seriously.


I was recommended Dr Rajput for medications. His medications seem helpful. He has a cyclic method of medicines which includes propercia twice a week.


I'd never go for FUT hence never thought of him as an option and can't comment on results either.



I did some google crap and some fell for some painless HT technique marketed to us. This "direct'" tranplant technique was a rip off. 1000 grafts promised by a doctor but done by a trainee and charged 3 € per graft. My family is now absolutely unsupportive because of this wastage. Its better we don't speak of such losers.


Now. I have to decide between Dr Bhatti or Dr.Radha as I am gonna need 3000 grafts.


I couldnt continue medicines and stoppes minoxodil.. due to which I have accelerated hair loss.


I want to 1st sustain hair loss and certain techniques are on front me.



- Derma rollers

- Stemcells/PRP

- Laser comb

- Propecia (don't know how much to take though and how many a week)

- HT procedure FUT Or FUE


Any other options?


I know you guys have already discussed all this countless number of times but I request everyone to come forward as I am quite nervous and unsure and I am hoping I get information and help and guidance which is up to date

Thanks a lot in advance.


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