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topicals and shampoos like revivogen

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New guy here, and 29yrs old.

I have been losing hair for years but I had such a thick head of hair that I didn't really notice until maybe 8 months ago. I just assumed it was all part of the daily 100 or so that everyone loses.

It sucks and my hair line has receded maybe a little under an inch and all the hairs on my head seem to have become flimsy and each strand is thinner. Although, I am only losing hair from the top.


I am considering cutting up Proscar..but hearing about the side effects is freaking me out. I'd be happy just to keep what hair I have left if I can avoid the possible horrors of finasteride!


Is there a shampoo or combination of topicals that will allow me to stop losing what I have left? I don't need regrowth necessarily but it would be a plus. Proscar is a last resort for me but..I heard that the earlier I start something, the better.


Thank you all. I'm sure you have fielded this type of question before so thanks for answering again.

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