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Hair too thick in scar!?

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By all accounts my strip scar was really well done, but I'm still looking to get it revised.... or at least looking for suggestions....


I'm new to the forum but have been reading through quite a bit about scar restoration and wanted to share my story. I'm sure some questions exist in the forums and I'll dive in to them in more detail later, but my head's been spinning with so many different forums/discussions/reviews/suggestions/stories/etc that I figured I'd just get mine out there and go from there.


Short, short version: Hairline went in early 20s but didn't bother me that much. Crown started going and I couldn't take it. Flirted with HT procedure for 7+ years and finally got it done in 2010. As far as the procedure itself, I think it was very well done. As for the results I think I was under the impression, rightly or not, that i'd end up with probably more density than I have... Been keeping it at a #4 clipper attachment for a few years but really not that thrilled with it at all. Plus my sides/temples are getting grayer by the day.... all in all not a ton good going on up top.


Also, when they stitched my strip they overlapped a layer of skin so that the hair would grow back up through the scar.


Anyway I'm at the point now where I'd love to just buzz it at a #1 or so and be a normal bald dude. But the scar is extremely visible at that length. The weird part is that I think part of the reason its so visible is because the hair grew in THICKER through the scar.


At close inspection the scar is barely noticeable. The tissue isn't a terribly different shade than the normal skin and the hairs did indeed grow back up through the scar (albeit not quite at the same density). But as you can see from far away its still incredibly noticeable.



1) just keep the hair longer

2) bite the bullet and shave it CLOSER (thinking the thicker hairs might be less noticeable if they aren't that long)

3) FUE into scar (maybe even using some of the thicker 'scar hairs' to divide up and place elsewhere)

4) SMP or some sort of pigmentation


Anyway, new to this and just wanted to throw it out there to get some advice. Thanks in advance for reading through--








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