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Is Dense packing for real ?


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It's not just one or two surgeons who can perform dense packing.


Depending on the guy, dense packing may not be a good way to use grafts. Dense packing uses up a lot of grafts that may be better off being used elsewhere, or saved for later.


Remember that there is a balance between density and coverage, most guys can't have lots of "both". Spend your donor hair wisely.


As far as the second pass for added density, some doctors believe in doing "stand alone" procedures. That means if you should never get another transplant, your current HT will not look bizarre. You may be referring to doctors who want to cover a fairly large area in the first pass that can stand alone, rather than doing smaller areas of higher density (which may not be considered "stand alone" procedures). Second passes on a stand-alone procedure might just modify and add to the first stand alone pass, sometimes.


It's just a matter of different approaches and opinions.

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