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Donor hair question...

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My question is related to the donor hair at the sides and back of the head.


I just wondered if the donor usually stays stable or can it go up and down in terms of its density etc and suitability for a transplant?


For example, you have a HT as your donor is suitable then by the time you maybe go for a second HT the donor is no longer a candidate? Can it get better, worse? Can it suddenly develop the permanent diffuse thinning and decline in quality?


I have average donor of around 6500 FU's in total so hoping this always stays the same! Hope you understand the question!


Thanks! :)

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A true donor zone the potential grafts should remain safe. Its possible to squeeze more donor hair if you decided to utilize FUT and FUE. I was lucky enough to get a grand total of 11800 from mine. 6300 of these was via FUE.

A decent surgeon will be able to tell you where your hair loss is heading. I have noticed some surgeons seem to go out of the safety zone in some cases.

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The best way to determine the suitability on of one's donor hair is to have it microscopically examined by a doctor who is experienced in comparing differentials in hair shaft diameter. This is how the doctor can determine exactly where miniaturization is occurring and where it is impeding.


Hair diffusion can be seen by the naked eye but only once it is in the more advanced stages. Miniaturized hair is much more difficult to notice unless the hair shafts are compared under a scope.


Can one's donor zone change with time? Yes, but not for all individuals. The best way to answer this for yourself is to observe and consider the older men in your family history that have MPB. Some men will begin to experience thinned out donor areas as they age. Other families do not.


But some men can experience the more advanced classes of hair loss such as Norwood 5-6, yet their donor zones remain strong and dense. That's a good sign. Most Norwood 7s experience donor zone thinning with time from my own observations.


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Supporting Physicians: Dr. Robert Dorin: The Hairloss Doctors in New York, NY

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